Have some fun and travel around this boutique wine country for the day. Let's make those memories!

​Check out the different places to book for a special lunch or dinner. We get fantastic feedback from our guests who visit them: the Watervale Hotel is an absolute foodie experience, Paulettes do the most fascinating things with Australian Bush Food, Pikes is simply a dining experience, Ragu & Co are providing real Italian charm, of course the famous Indii is brilliant, and the classic country pubs (the Magpie & Stump, the Sevenhill, and the Rising Sun) are all terrific. The list is longer than this simple paragraph!

Operator Charles Grover has a passion for the stories and achievements of the Australian wine industry and it's people.  Charles is a Clare local who has spent decades travelling around various Australian wine regions representing many different wineries. He also has a passion for History and how the modern world is shaped by events of the past. 

Our tours are for you to experience this intimate wine region, the beating heart of Mid North South Australia. Meet some real locals, learn why this region has some of the oldest vines in the world, and be the envy of your friends who couldn't join you!

​Please get in touch and discuss your dates and ideas.

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Relaxing at Reillys Wines. Clare Valley tours with Valley Wine Tours


(Choose Shared or Private)

We have the perfect tour option for you.

Singles, couples, and groups will find just what they need.

The Clare Valley wines are so very special. They may only produce 2%-3% of Australia's wines, but the wineries regularly take home about 20% of the annual wine trophies.

Book your tour, make it a great day out.

Wine is the best souvenir


(Private Tours)

Get up late, have a brunch, and then, at 2pm, Charles can take you on a wine tour. Sounds like a nice afternoon? It will be!

If you want, we can pick you up earlier (12 or 1pm) and take you to the restaurant you have booked for lunch, then do a couple of winery tastings afterwards. 

Magical History Tour


(for the Wine-Foodies)

Specially co-ordinated tours designed to maximise your experience of the Clare Valley. 

All costs are included, and all the venues require

Valley Wine Tours

to make your day smooth.

These are big days of dining and tasting - but we know you have the stamina!