• Charles Grover

What is going on out there?

July 2022; Some things which catch my eye.

Wines you might try on a Clare Valley tour.

Lots of wine producers focus on varietals they can sell. Makes total sense to me!

I was reading about Rieslings and their dominating acidity levels by Rob Geddes and found the link and descriptions about German vs Australian versions extremely interesting (I did need a second read; I am no winemaker!). The local Clare region was well represented by Taylors and other Australian producing regions were Mt Barker (WA) and the Eden Valley. Rob also mentioned Jaeschke's Hill River Clare Estate, a place I remember visiting as a 'Penfolds Organic Vineyard' back in the day.

Anyway, the main takeout for me was "Oz and Germany being the most acid-loving nations”.

So, please have a read of Rob Geddes’ article yourself, and don't hesitate to book a tour with me anytime.




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