Clare Winery

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then check your tour dates.


SPECIAL: (Groups of 4 to 6)
Cozy August Wine Adventure

Only available AUGUST 2022. 

A Special opportunity to tour the wineries

*$113pp (*group of 4) to **$98pp (**group of 6)

Clare Shared Wine Tour


A popular tour for Singles and Couples; $160pp.

Clare Valley Wine Tour

A Private Tour for 1- 6 guests

(perfect for groups of 4 or 6; includes a winery lunch)

Half Day Wine Tour

A Private Tour for 1-6 guests

TeachMe FeedMe
Wine Tour

A Private Tour to to delight your senses. 

This is a cutting-edge tour for the wine-foodie.

Encapsulate some enjoyable learning, followed by an amazing lunch and more boutique Clare Valley wineries.

Check for availability as venues require notice.

Immersive Luxury
Wine Tour
& Degustation Dinner

A Private Tour for 1-6 guests.

(This is a very Big Day Out)

(Venues may require a minimum of two week's notice)

Take a Full Day to see what special offerings the Clare Valley Wineries and Foodie Havens can showcase.

Everything will be pre-booked and is included in the cost.