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Valleys with Grapevines


Stay in the Wine Regions
& Tour with a Local Guide

Stay a few nights in the region, and treat yourself to an authentic tour experience you'll remember forever. Be a traveller, not a tourist. The Mid-North of South Australia is where you will find authentically Australian wine regions: mixed agricultural farms, bushland, historical sites, beautiful colonial buildings, quaint hamlets, and world-class vineyards producing famous wines. 

Take a real break, relax, and have your questions answered as we chauffeur you around scenic wineries and landscapes. Dates and prices are on this site so you can book immediately.

Who are Valley Wine Tours?

We Are; a family operation specialising in tours for guests staying a few days to soak up the Clare and Barossa wine regions. South Australia is where you find picture-postcard Australian countryside.

Where are Valley Wine Tours?

We Operate; in the Mid-North wine regions of South Australia, the Clare and the Barossa Valleys.

How do we Do Business?

We Provide; old-school customer service and have decades of wine experience to share with you.

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